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Are you energetic, enthusiastic, and sales oriented ? Don't waste your talents any further and become a A|G Brand Ambassador!  As part of our program, you'll be entrusted with marketing and selling some of the most luxurious and fashionable products around. So gear up to earn both a great income and a chance to wear A|G  products before they are released.

 "So What's the A|G  Brand Ambassador Program About?"

The A|G Brand Ambassador program aims to make our quality products the first choice of fashion lovers worldwide. To ensure our success within your region, we need you to promote the A|G brand and lend us a hand selling its innovative, quality and elite style products.

By becoming a A|G Brand Ambassador, you agree to commit to learning how to promote, market and sell our brand's products throughout your region and beyond. As a result, you'll discover your own potential and get the chance to advance your sales marketing career by developing the skills necessary for effective sales, marketing, communication, and teamwork. We also promise a fun experience as well as the chance to earn generous passive income while creating awareness for A|G  Luxury Brand.

 "What Makes a Great A|G Brand Ambassador?"

A|G  Brand Ambassadors are individuals who are passionate about A|G  products and are ready to help us introduce our brand within their local communities. In addition to mastering sales, marketing and social media, they are as creative and innovative as our brand. So make sure to detail your unique skills, your knowledge about the luxury market, and how you can help A|G  become THE brand in your area.  Our goal is to combine bold fashion with positive messages, bold lettering, amazing service and contemporary design.  At A|G  we believe in working together for the greater good. "It's Not About The Money, It's About The Freedom."

A|G Ambassadors are responsible for generating brand excitement by engaging and connecting with each customer. They utilize a genuine belief in the brand and product knowledge to educate and inform our customers and direct all traffic to the online platform for A|G .

You’ll be playing a crucial part in transforming lives worldwide! Because at A|G  we truly believe that, "All things work together for the good of those who want to achieve more!"







•Brand Ambassadors receive 10% commission of each total sale made.

•Bonus is subject based on performance. Up to $500 US dollar. 

•Payments are made monthly and transferred directly to the PayPal account of Brand Ambassador.

•Customers must use the Brand Ambassadors purchase code during checkout or Direct URL provided by A|G .

•You will have employee discount up to 25%OFF to purchase your products and FREE SHIPPING A|G items! (Ask your supervisor for this)

•You will be fully trained with A|G  such as online sales techniques, tips and tricks.

•You will be fully equipped with A|G  such as on Online Marketing B2C , flyer, banners, dynamic ads and much more.

•Access to your own Back Office to see your revenue, analytics and create your own URLs.

•Bonuses and commission raises are contingent upon total sales of Ambassador.

•Special promotions and events. 

•Represent an iconic brand.

•Show your work to the world.

•Work on your own schedule anywhere around the globe.

•Get paid every month via PayPal.

Paid out example :

2 items have been sold: 1 cost $680.00 and the second item for $392.00 total before shipping Total Price $1,072.00 x 10% 
Commission Earned 1 SALE $107.20


•Must have strong and active social media presence.

•Must have an active PayPal account.

•Ability to demonstrate strong customer focused service.

•Ability to communicate effectively with customers and fellow Ambassadors.

•Ability to receive feedback and take action when necessary.

•Previous experience in retail/sales is a plus.

•Must have an Instagram account.

•Must follow us at Instagram and Facebook Fan Page. 

*18 + UP


****Please be sure to thoroughly read and understand the Brand Ambassador description before applying.****

Click HERE to apply now.  

Bienvenidos a la familia A|G